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Billington, Lacher cut loose by Bruins: 6/29/96

(The following quotes are Billington's reaction after having his contract bought out by the Bruins. It amazes me that he still remained positive, even after being cut loose. - ed.)

"To be honest, it didn't come as a surprise," said Billington. "But it was a big disappointment. They have a job to do, I don't have to agree with it, but I'll live by it. I loved Boston and I loved being a Bruin. It was a tremendous experience, although not as great as I dreamed it could be. I met some tremendous people. I could be sour on [Bruins management], but you've got to stop yourself. You have to say, 'I'm not going to waste any more time.' You've got to spend time in a progressive manner not a regressive one. When I was waived, that was an indication, or at least a reinforcement, that they didn't want me to be there."

Billington said the lack of work during the second half of the season was very tough.

"I was 7-3-2 when I was the man they were counting on and then when Billy came, and I love Billy, don't get me wrong, but I had one more start," he said. "I played against Buffalo [Feb. 7] and lost, 2-1, in overtime and I was the second star. Then I didn't see any more ice. Then, when Billy had trouble with his ankle, they brought up Robbie Tallas. I went 10 weeks without a start and then was asked to play in a playoff game [against Florida]. Maybe they should've called up Houdini."

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