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Biller sits, waits for chance (4/2/96)

Billington sits, waits; Goalie keeps quiet despite lack of play

KANATA, Ontario -- It seemed logical that if Bruins backup goalkeeper Craig Billington was ever going to get a start, it would be last night against the Senators, Game 2 in a stretch of four games in five days.

But Billington had not started a game since Feb.7 - the longest stretch of his career without getting the nod - and coach Steve Kasper clearly has made up his mind that Bill Ranford is his man. Period. Ranford played well in the lackluster 1-1 tie.

It would have been a gamble to go with a guy who'd played so little, a gamble Kasper & Co. were in no position to take. Billington may well be angry about his situation, but, as always, he stayed positive.

"I'm obviously disappointed, because I always want the opportunity to play," said Billington. "At this point of the season, and with what Billy has done since he got here, I understand sometimes things are out of your control. My focus will continue to be on the things I can control, and the most important thing I can control is my attitude."

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